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Their story didn’t end there!

Ok, I’ll give you a minute to enjoy the innocence and wonder of late 70’s movie trailers. (And yes, that is Harrison Ford narrating. Possibly not the last time in his career he would decide to take the money and run.)

So P, B, and J are back. And it’s been a year between posts. But what did we really miss?



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If you haven’t already heard, Michael Lewis’s fascinating non-fiction book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, is being turned into a semi-fictitious film starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. There’s a new article at MLB Fanhouse that talks a little about the difficulty in making the film as well as the amount of detail the filmmakers seem to be putting in the movie. If anyone has read Moneyball, they can understand why the making of this movie is so interesting – it’s a great book but there’s not a lot of dramatic ammo for a feature film. Are they going to focus on the field more than the office? Is the film going to acknowledge that Billy Beane and the A’s have been pretty terrible the last 7 years? Is Jonah Hill going to actually do something different and make us believe he is a Harvard stats genius? Unfortunately, we’ll need to wait until next summer to find out.

Here is the Moneyball page on IMDB for more information.

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