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“We wanted to be more like Zeppelin. We didn’t want to be locked into a specific style.” – Eddie Vedder

“I might be a fucking genius, or I might be the biggest dick ever. I don’t know.” – Conan O’ Brien

There is a really funny and revealing moment in Cameron Crowe’s excellent documentary, “Pearl Jam Twenty,” that deals with what the band’s guitarist/founder Stone Gossard calls, “the birth of no.” After getting wasted at an MTV party for Crowe’s 1992 movie “Singles,” which was the band’s only day off in weeks, Pearl Jam realized they couldn’t say yes to everything asked of them. Even though they were still just happy to be asked to do anything, the up and coming band couldn’t do it all, or it would have led to an inevitable burnout and breakup. There is a reason that the band is celebrating their 20th anniversary though. They are an amazing live band but they also say “yes” to many causes they believe in: anti-monopolies (Ticketmaster), voting, the innocence of the West Memphis Three, and Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit. They say “yes” when it feels right, “no” when it’s too much, and try to add enough variety to keep themselves sane.



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