I finished reading the popular summer novel, The Passage by Justin Cronin, and of course, I tried to imagine how the movie will look. And this is a movie blog (although lately it’s been kind of a forgotten blog – sorry to the thousands of PB&Jers who refresh the site every few seconds for new content, things will pick up soon).

The Passage is the first part of a planned vampire trilogy with real vampires – no hair gel or teen hormones in sight. They’re more akin to Danny Boyle’s zombies in 28 Days Later if the zombies were on steroids. Here is a quick description from Amazon:

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Arrested Development

I can dream, right?

I was never a huge Mortal Kombat fan and I haven’t played many video games since Tecmo Super Bowl in the 90’s, but this short film is pretty interesting. Obviously, this guy has some money and connections to get recognizable actors, but it’s a pretty ingenious way to audition to direct a movie. Why does this look better than almost every movie that’s been released this year? Here is the story on the film/trailer: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/09/mortal-kombat-rebirth-tra_n_605812.html.

PB&J has taken a little time off to meditate, reflect, prioritize, capitulate, regress, expedite, and conciliate. Phindo, at least, actually has a great excuse for not blogging – the power went out in all of Maine for the last two weeks and no one noticed. Anyway, we know you’ve all been dying for new and extreme content, so I thought I would honor my recent trip to Vegas with a top seven (important craps number) list of movies set in that wonderful desert town.

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Just randomly came across this. It was almost like the force was guiding me to it…


It was just brought to my attention that this may be slightly offensive. Okay. Duly noted.

Remember when Memorial Day Weekend was the start of the summer movie season? Iron Man 2 has been out for weeks – plus we’ve already gotten about a dozen 3D movies this year which requires a completely separate post – and I’m already pining for the super-serious fall/winter awards-hungry films. But this weekend we get Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia: Gyllenhaal on PEDs – are you kidding me? Quick round-up of some stellar Sex and the City 2 reviews, which is currently rocking a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes:

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Until recently, I hadn’t watched Saturday Night Live in probably 10, maybe even 15, years. I could easily kick the show in groin by saying that I haven’t been watching because the skits are no longer funny and neither are the actors. But I won’t. The real reason I haven’t watched is, of course, I can’t stay up that late anymore because I’d rather spend my Saturday nights out at the club. But after hearing that Betty White’s hosting of SNL was a hit, my SNL hiatus was over (I am an uber Golden Girl fan. Go ahead, laugh it up fuzzballs).

And that was when I was formally introduced to MacGruber.

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