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PB & J would like to wish Phindo and Carla congratulations for tying the knot this past weekend on Saturday, March 20th in Bar Harbor, Maine. We love you both and wish you the best. To celebrate, here is a little taste of the second most romantic scene in the history of Lost (the most romantic scene cannot be embedded but can be viewed here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoAJkS2Cfpo&feature=related):


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This is very funny


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Now that we’ve had a week to digest the premiere of The Final Season, a lot of people on the Inter-tubes have been talking about the following scene from the pilot episode.

Three things stuck out while watching that scene:

1. John Locke is (or was) one of the greatest television characters ever
2. Shorter real Walt was kind of annoying and it’s probably a good thing he had a growth spurt and was written out of the show
3. This scene has major implications on the LOST endgame


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The final season of Lost begins tonight ladies and gentlemen. Prepare to laugh, cry, yell, and get mad with all our favorite castaways on snow globe island. Did Jughead really create an alternate reality? Is Locke really dead? What is the real meaning of Jack’s tattoos?

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